Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Movin' Right Along (just like the Muppets!!)

Well, we are almost there!!  We decided to take a few extra days and enjoy the trip and do a little sightseeing along the way.  By sightseeing we mean the Big Texan Steakhouse, home of the 72oz steak (which reminds me of scene from the movie “Great Outdoors” with John Candy); Car Hendge; a cross big enough for the Jolly Green Giant to worship at; the homes of the 1981 Miss America, an astronaut, Garth Brooks, Troy Aikman and Carrie Underwood.  I vote that some of that money earmarked to “stimulate” our economy should go directly to the Department of Transportation in Oklahoma because the roads are TERRIBLE!  Hell, I feel like my fat is still jiggling!  And we also passed through Shamrock, Texas which is either a sign of good luck or that unique sense of Irish humor mocking us.

We did stop outside of Little Rock for the evening because we were tired and figured we’d get up early and spend the day in Memphis.  We were awakened by rain and the LOUDEST and LONGEST clap of thunder I have heard in all of my 33 years!  The rain didn’t bother me because I got to wear my Wellies!  Jim doesn’t get it but I have always wanted a cute pair of wellies but just can’t justify buying them in Arizona.  Well, I found every puddle imaginable and enjoyed every second of it!  I felt like a kid again…until I found a gray hair, which pretty much ruined that for me.

The rain sort of foiled our sightseeing plans for Memphis so we found the Dunkin Donuts instead!!  For those of you that don’t know, more than a day without Dunkin is like, well, a day without bacon or beer.  Geez, I have to get out more!  We found a great little place called the Bellmont Grill for a late lunch and made sure to get our fill of Yuengling, which I readily enjoyed during my college days in Pennsylvania.  The waitress did card me because she thought that though I was younger than her, which made my day, only to find out that I was actually older than her!  Of course, this made up for the gray hair I found earlier ;)  Now we’re just hanging out having a few adult beverages at the KOA campground (not my ideal camping but it works for quick and easy) and waiting to head into Lynchburg tomorrow afternoon.  The excitement is truly starting to set in and this is going to be a great week!!

Now a word from Seamus…I am sick of the car.  They always leave me in the car when they go and have beer.  I like beer too!  SQUIRREL!  It hasn’t been that bad because I get to sleep in the bed with Mom & Dad in the camper so I guess it’s ok.  Besides, in a couple of days I get the pork shoulder bone.  BIRD!  I do get to run around in green grass which is a nice change from the burnt stuff in our yard.  SKUNK!  I guess I should go now so I can play with my moo cow!!

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  1. Best of luck you guys. Give Seamus a high fiver from VRM Pit Crew.