Saturday, October 23, 2010

Once You Go Jack, You Never Go Back!

The sun is up, the smell of BBQ is in the air, the moment of truth is almost here.  Jim’s been cooking since the wee hours of the morning and just finally starting to warm up.  I’m cleaning up inside the “house” because we’ll be leaving right after awards.  It’s very surreal to be sitting here today and to think about the journey that got us here.  Turn ins start in 3 hours which will be the longest 3 hours ever!  Once turn ins are done, we will break down and pack up before awards.  For anyone interested, awards are at 5pm (EST/CST – don’t understand what the hell time zone we’re in right now; 3pm AZ time) and will be streaming live on  They signal is sporadic out here so be patient if the feed isn’t that great. 

With any luck you’ll be hearing McFrankenboo BBQ for something because we did rub the meat for good luck ;)  Oh, and you can bet you arse I’ll be wearing my wellies to awards!

Stay tuned...

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