Saturday, October 23, 2010

We Have Arrived in the "Holler"...Hollah!

I know I am a little behind on this so we’ll just update each day because it has been busy, fun, amazing and an all together amazing experience!  We finally arrived in the “holler” Wednesday night after driving through Tennessee into the middle of nowhere!  I was actually amazed at how many “Adult” stores there were along the highway, which scares me even more about what is causing those truck drivers to swerve.  We did find another Dunkin Donuts so all was right with the world again.  As we hit Nashville we saw a sign for the Jack Daniels Distillery and the excitement truly started to settle in.   As we drive through the small towns on our way to Lynchburg, we realized that we weren’t in Phoenix anymore!  I was all set to update Facebook via my phone when, all of a sudden, my signal was gone and probably not to be seen again until we reach Memphis again!!  On a happier note, I have perfect Wi-Fi signal…go figure. 

Upon arrival in the “holler” (actually “hollow”), which is what they call the area here, we can see all the signs welcoming us and that are some teams that have already arrived and look as excited as we do.  We checked in and got our credentials and got to work setting up our spot.  We are in spot #34 which I thought was amusing because that’s Big Papi’s number and I call my truck Optimus Papi (it’s a Chevy Avalanche so it transforms like a Transformer and is big and red with Red Sox stickers and such…get it?).   Everyone is really nice but is definitely working on their own time.  Things are definitely on a slower pace here but it was nice for a change. I do have to say though, they most amazing porta-potties you have ever seen…they have a floral arrangement in them!  I know, I know, little things entertain me.

We attempted to get some dinner on the square but it appears everything closes at 7pm.  I guess there isn’t much to do in “the wettest dry county in the country” so they are either in the confines of their own homes imbibing in the stuff that keeps this town alive or they actually are asleep.  I’m still not sure because I couldn’t understand the language they were speaking!  It is freezing here at night!  Okay, now understand that I have been away from New England for a long time now so my days of going to the bus stop with wet hair only to get the bus and have it be frozen are long gone.  Thankfully, we have been through enough competitions in crazy weather that I know to pack for the frozen tundra or the Sahara.  I guess being right on the “crick” makes a very damp cold and makes for a cold night sleeping.  Poor Seamus just dives under the covers and wedges his way in between us, which works well for us because he’s like our own personal heater! 

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